Q & A with the guys walking across the country playing music

By September 25, 2015Life
Photo by Megan Haley

What’s it like living on the road, doing what you love and never knowing where you’ll be sleeping that night? Just ask the Walking Guys!

These four musicians are on month three of five on their tour and embracing their motto “Live simple. Spread music.” The guys are living simply by walking across 15 states to each of their shows and relying on the hospitality of others for shelter.

Their journey has given them unforgettable memories, new friendships and quite a few crazy stories. We took a minute to ask the guys some of our burning questions and have them share some of their favorite stories.

Swiftwick: You guys often don’t know where you’re going to sleep until it’s that night. What kind of place have you stayed?

Walking Guys: We’ve experienced incredible hospitality. We’ve only had to camp eight nights so far! We’ve stayed in the one-bedroom apartment of our waitress from dinner, the basement of a college student, and many, many people’s couches. We even stayed in the basement of a man who didn’t have electricity, played ceremonial drums, and had many power tools. We thought that he may murder us. He didn’t though! He just really enjoyed Celtic drums and the didgeridoo. 

SW: What is the craziest place you’ve stayed the night?

WG: While walking through Fall River, Massachusetts, we ended up having to camp in a park. We had been told it was a little sketchy, but we figured we’d be fine. We made a barrier of picnic tables around our tents for some extra safety. But, it turns out, by doing this, we took all of the seating for the whole park. So the picnic tables surrounding our tents were the ONLY seating option. Throughout the night, the picnic tables drew in some homeless people and even a couple trying to have sex. We were totally sketched out. But then we realized that the people we encountered were probably scared of us! WE were the sketchy people sleeping in a park under picnic tables! We did survive, and in the morning we learned that first, it is illegal to sleep in that park. And second, the park is known for heroine addicts and stabbings.

What has been the hardest walk so far?

WG: The stretch we’re walking right now has probably been our hardest. We’re on day six of walking, and we’ll walk for seven before we get a break. We are on our way to Richmond from Washington D.C. But after that, we’ll have a ten day walk from Richmond to Raleigh.

SW: You four guys are together 24/7. Are you tired of each other yet? Have there been any conflicts?

WG: We really haven’t had any conflicts. We’ve had little arguments, but nothing huge. Honestly, we’re still trying to get to know each other. 

SW: Any news or anything else to share?

WG: We actually just booked our homecoming show in Nashville! We can’t wait to walk through downtown Nashville to this show and finish this tour right back in our city. 

UPDATE: The Walking Guys’s homecoming show will now be at The Anchor in downtown Nashville at 5 pm. You can purchase your tickets here!

These guys are quirky and awesome, and we are psyched to be their sponsor! Visit their website to listen to their music and see their show schedule, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for on-the-road updates.

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