Share the joy of adventure

By October 12, 2016Life

Hello everyone who reads this blog. I write some posts here and there for my friends at Swiftwick, so there’s a good chance you’ve read my words.

My name is Ryan Giesbrecht. I dabble in freelance writing and music production here in Nashville Tennessee.

The term “chase adventure” is going to be sprinkled in many blog posts over the next month, and I wanted to give my thoughts on how I interpret this phrase.

Catchphrases and slogans are an integral part of product marketing and campaigns. We see this everyday on Facebook, TV, youtube, the Internet… Hashtags are everywhere, and every company wants something to remain with those who are exposed to these phrases and words. Here’s the thing though: “Chase Adventure” isn’t just a marketing campaign that I’m a part of. Neither is it for everyone at Swiftwick. We want to chase goodness. We want to run the race and explore the world with those that are inspired and curious!

Adventure isn’t contingent upon where I am. I’ve lived in London, Spain, Portugal, and Texas. What I realized in every one of these places is that we have to craft our own adventure. In the United States, “backpacking Europe” is a romanticized pilgrimage. People speak of it as the epitome of adventurous exploits. To be honest, I loved backpacking through parts of Europe, but not all days were good. Sometimes I was miserable and adventure was nowhere to be found. Disagree with me if you wish, but I believe adventure is a state of mind.

For me, hiking is one of the most powerful conduits to adventure. When I’m in the outdoors, on the trail, my head is clear and I’m not bogged down by the stresses of the world. The trail is where I can fully enjoy being alive. I believe that living should be the ultimate adventure, but we as humans complicate things and accede to the demands and drudgery of everyday life. It’s not how things should be, but it is.

Adventure could be delving into the world of baking or venturing out to meet new people, or going to the park with someone you care about. I even find adventure through music. What matters is that we live fully and intentionally. Hiking and backpacking makes my heart warm, so I’m going to chase that feeling every chance I get. Every hard step on the trail is a life lesson to me. When things are hard and I’m literally in the midst of a storm, I go back to the basics of staying alive and experiencing the world around.

I hope you all find what makes you free and alive.