Six signs you’re a sock fanatic

By September 29, 2016Life
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Socks are a way of life for many athletes. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of a well made performance sock, you never go back. But how do you know if you fall into the sock fanatic category? If you are on the fence on whether or not you are a obsessed with your socks, we decided to break it down for you.

  1.  You constantly check to see if every runner or cyclist you see is wearing the same brand of socks you are.
  2. You have every single color of your favorite performance sock.
  3. You use your “old” socks to dust the house.
  4. You never worry about getting a blister.
  5. Your sock game consists of enough socks to last you a full week without doing laundry.
  6. You know the term “cotton is rotten” and use it frequently with anyone you see wearing cotton socks.

If you relate to one or more from this list, then it’s safe to say you may be a sock snob.

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