The joys of hiking with family

By November 3, 2016Life

Before you read any further, remember that family hiking usually isn’t the intense routine many of you are used to. Family hiking usually consists of children flailing around, elderly folk walking patiently and enjoying the moment, or just a stroll through a marked trail in a family state park.

Hiking is considered an intense experience for some, but for others, hiking is a leisurely time to spend with family or friends.

Family hiking is a beautiful thing for many reasons. Families get to spend time together. They get to feel the brisk fall wind and reminisce on memories. Experienced hikers can bring their families along and share what they love with those closest to them… the list goes on.

Here are some things to keep in mind when embarking on the family hike:

– Go as fast as the slowest hiker. Family means no one gets left behind. This is a time for everyone to eliminate the stress of the holidays and be together.

– Pack snacks. Pack lots of snacks.

– Pick a trail that will suit the lowest level hiker. Some folks in the family may be spry, but others don’t do this everyday. Make this a relaxing time for them.

– Make sure that someone brings a backpack stowed with the hiking essentials!

Sure you may not get as far along on the trail as you usually would, but you get to do this with family. Let’s love each other!