They would walk 500 miles: The Walking Guys begin the journey

By July 16, 2015Life

Four shows and two states into their journey, The Walking Guys are ecstatic to report that they are alive, well and having the times of their lives. These four musicians from Nashville, Tenn. started their walking tour from Maine to Tennessee just over a week ago. “We walk an average of 15-20 miles per day,” says Benjamin Butler, the mastermind behind the Walking Guys concept, “and we’ve run [or walked] into some pretty cool things along the way.”

After arriving in their starting location of Maine (not on foot, to clarify), Benjamin, Will and Riley kicked off mile one and the first show as the Walking Guys in Portland at the Dogfish Bar and Grille. When the crowd couldn’t get enough of these awesome guys, the bartender asked them to keep playing. And keep playing. And keep playing. The guys ultimately end up playing an unexpected three hour show. Here the guys discover that fans have traveled from as far as Nebraska to see them kick off their tour. “This is just unreal,” said the guys, recounting on their first show together.


After a restful first night in a hotel (thanks to the generosity of Riley’s brother), the guys are off for their first day of walking.  By day four, they have already “slept in the wilderness and cooked in public with our camping stoves.”

Show #2 at Andy’s Old Port Pub in Portland

What’s incredible about The Walking Guys’ journey is the overwhelming generosity and hospitality they have already experienced from strangers. Going into their third show at Acoustic Artisans, a local violin shop in Portland, the guys were still in search of a place to stay. Before they could even start to worry, the shop owner gave them the keys to the shop and told them to stay the night.

Later in their journey, the guys went for a morning pick-me-up at a local coffee shop in Portland. A woman randomly approached the guys and said she felt called to pray over them. Upon learning their story, she offered to cook them dinner and even gave them a place to stay that night- her husband’s church. In return, the guys helped the church by shoveling top soil and leveling out the ground. Shoveling soil wasn’t exactly what they thought they’d be doing on this tour, but as they say, when walking in Rome…

According to our calculations, the Walking Guys will have walked a total of 99.7 miles and 33 hours by the time they reach their next show in Boston, Mass. The guys report that all of the walking does have them a bit sore. “But as far as blisters, they’re nonexistent. We’re sore but not in our feet.” The guys will be sporting various Swiftwick lines including the VISION TEAM, ASPIRE and PURSUIT.

See if the Walking Guys are playing near you, check out their website at Stay tuned for updates from the Walking Guys as they keep on moving!

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