What story do your socks tell? Angel Adrian’s socks tell an important one..

By October 24, 2016Life

For people who say they’re just socks, then perhaps they’ve never taken time to really dig into why they bought the socks in the first place.

The motivation that encouraged them to slip into a pair of socks that will carry them many miles. Socks that they are sure to make many memories in

You see,  the socks represent the grit and determination of the activity that you partake in when you’re wearing them and Angel Adrian’s story is a reminder of the story our socks tell:

Last year, February 2015 to be exact, I stopped by the @orlandotrackshack and got myself a pair of @swiftwicksocks . During the following 19 months, the socks were part of many miles of training, at least 12 half marathons, my first marathon and my first ultra marathon. The socks kept me blister free and were simply my “go to” socks for anything longer than 10 miles. Last Tuesday was their last go around during #TrailTuesday @rrsports #PDX ?✌?️. The socks are amazing and the pair now hangs on my wall, next to my medals and other mementos. Well done @swiftwicksocks , well done! Happy running amigos! ????? #ClydesdaleRunner #ChaseAdventure #beSwift