Whistle (and workout) while you work

By October 12, 2015Life

In a perfect world, we’d all have jobs that require us to ride our bikes all day and/or live off our million-dollar race winnings. But in the reality of our non-perfect world, 80% of our jobs as Americans are sedentary.

Even if your job requires you to be glued to your computer all day long, try these strategies for a more active day.

Don’t save yourself trips

Inconvenience yourself! Make several up and down trips to get office supplies, deliver paperwork, speak to a coworker, etc. Don’t do it all at once!

Use your lunch break wisely

Your lunch break can be about so much more than eating. Many of our team members here at Swiftwick like to hit the gym, go for trail runs or walks at a local park, or go for a bike ride during the lunch hour. Not only does it keep you moving and active during the day, but it’s a great way to get re-energized for the afternoon. Get a co-worker to join you and you’ll have an exercise buddy that can’t easily make up an excuse to bail.

Sit loose

When you’re forced to sit for sustained periods, there’s no need to stay in your chair with your hips at a 90-degree angle and your feet flat on the floor. Sit cross-legged on the ground or move from the couch to the desk every hour to break up your body’s geometry.

When in doubt, turn to your phone

Apps like Move (free for iOS!) remind you to take an active break at various intervals during your day. You can pick when you do workouts and how often you do them. 

Walk and talk

Instead of spreading your calls out throughout the day, try to schedule them back to back. Take a walk around your office’s neighborhood while making your calls. Or ask your 2 p.m. meeting to join you on a stroll instead of in the conference room.

Just say “no” to the elevator

The stairs are your friend. The elevator is your smelly coworker that you pray doesn’t choose the seat next to you in a meeting. Just like you avoid that coworker, avoid the elevator! Even if you work on the first floor, make a trip up and down the stairs anyway when you have a break.

Walk- don’t call or email

If you need to ask your coworker across the office a question, avoid the temptation to shoot over an email or pick up the phone.