Why Socks Make the Best Stocking Stuffer

By December 6, 2016Life
Stocking Stuffer

The stocking stuffer is a holiday staple for many households. Each year, we dump out our stockings to find a collection of small trinkets: snow globes, candy canes, toiletries, and … socks.

Here at Swiftwick, we have a few theories as to why socks shouldn’t be lumped in with the others.

  1. Size

When stuffing a stocking, space is at a premium. Socks are small, flexible, and easily crammed in tight spaces.

  1. Socks are undervalued.

Out of sight, out of mind is the thinking of many. But why do we ignore something that we put on every day? Make the investment.

  1. This is  not the average sock.

Every activity, every adventure throws a specific adventure at you and Swiftwick has a sock for each one!

This holiday season, Swiftwick encourages you to be above average. Ditch the white tubes and try the new Aspire Stripes. Give a gift that will end up on feet instead of in the trash. And please, wrap those Swiftwicks up in the wrapping paper you know they deserve!