Workout War exclusive Memorial Day challenge

By May 19, 2015Life

Jim Cotta has been a certified strength and conditioning specialist for 20 years. He was the strength coach for the Los Angeles Lakers for seven years (including their World Championship three-peat) and has trained Shaquille O’Neal, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman, Mitch Richmond, Eddie Jones, and others.

Jim is the author of Men’s Health Workout War, which helps you build a blueprint for grassroots fitness competitions, complete with multiple contest formats and advice on using social media to build excitement. Research proves that camaraderie, competition and cash incentives are among the best ways to motivate yourself to exercise and eat healthy.

Jim’s wife, Amy Cotta, is a Swiftwick sponsored athlete. After her son joined the military, Cotta bought a pair of combat boots from The Boot Campaign. She then decided to run the Women’s Half Marathon in the these boots to support her son. She realized that even though she is not an athlete, she can sweat for a cause. By turning her pain into purpose, she is raising awareness for The Boot Campaign and what our soldiers are doing.

Because Memorial Day is so clue to their hearts, Jim Cotta has shared this workout from Workout War exclusively with Swiftwick fans in honor of our troops. 


Can YOU do it the fastest? Try it out with a friend, and post your results here in honor of those who have fought for our country.

Workout name: 110%

Goal: Keep track of your time and complete the challenge as quickly as you can.

Equipment: Track, football, or soccer field, or someplace else that’s big enough to run at least 50 yards straight (do twice for 100 yards).

Directions: Run 100 yards, then stop and perform the indicated exercise. Move to the next sequence. Rest as needed but remember you are timing yourself. Record the time it takes for you to complete three rounds.

  • 100-yard run followed by 10 pushups
  • 100 yard run followed by 10 squats
  • 100-yard run followed by 10 burpees
  • 100-yard run followed by 10 forward lunges (each leg)
  • 100-yard run followed by 10 push-up reachbacks (each arm)
  • 100-yard run followed by 10 shoulder taps (each arm)

Learn more about Workout Wars:

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