New Ways to Chase Adventure in 2017

By January 11, 2017Life

The art of conquering them becomes embedded in who we are. The thrill of the chase becomes PART of the adventure.  That adventure then becomes a part of your story.  Seeking new adventure is just for adrenaline junkies anymore. It’s for those that are are looking to change up the routine. To get our of your comfort zone.

Are you looking for ways to add another chapter to your adventure story? Here is a list of seven suggestions:

  1. Biking from Hanoi to Saigon on a recumbent bike
  2. Climbing a rising air current in a sailplane to an altitude of 27, 000
    feet over Nevada
  3. Visit every National Park in 365 days
  4. Make a new workout playlist
  5. Hike to a swimming hole
  6. See 10 waterfalls in a month
  7. Force yourself to try a new workout class

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