10 bad running habits (and how to break them)

By February 15, 2016Run

Bad habits can break a runner. But why not break the habit instead? Try these quick fixes for common running problems.

1. Running too much too soon.
Coming back from an injury? Now’s the time to take things slowly to stay healthy. Follow the standard rule of upping your mileage by only 10 percent each week.

2. Refueling badly.
After hard runs, grab a high-carb snack, then a meal with carbs and protein to rebuild muscle.

3. Forgoing SPF.
Up to 20 minutes of sun exposure a day can be good for you – but you need sunscreen on runs longer than that (even when it’s overcast).

4. Ignoring your core.
Participants in a Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research study who did core exercises four times a week for six weeks ran a 5K 30 seconds faster than those who didn’t.

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