12 things runners should never apologize for

By March 15, 2016Run

We’re runners. We don’t always smell the best, we don’t always have traditional sleep hours. We’re one of a kind. And we won’t apologize for our flaws! Here are 12 specific things you definitely don’t need to say sorry for.

1. Not going out on Saturday night.

We have a long run in the morning. Obviously.

2. Blowing an entire paycheck on race entry fees.

Are we going to win the race and recoup some of our spending? Nope! Do we care? Not at all. Racing keeps us motivated and working hard, and it’s a surefire way to get an awesome start to the day.

3. Ordering two entrées at Sunday brunch.

See aforementioned “weekend long run” status.

4. Crying in the shower.

We’re not sad. We’re chafed.

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