12-year-old Nik Toocheck runs the world for good

By July 20, 2016Run


Nik Toocheck broke the record for being the youngest person to run a marathon on every continent at the young age of 11. And while this in an incredible feat, what’s really inspiring about this young Swiftwick athlete is his reasoning behind it.

Nik completed his first half marathon at age nine. After accomplishing this, he knew he was up for more. That’s when he set his goal to run a marathon on every continent. Until this point, the youngest person to pull this off was 21 years old. “But I wasn’t really doing it for the record,” Nik said in his interview with CBS. “I thought I should be doing it more than just doing it for myself.”

That’s when Nik came up with his idea and slogan “do what you love for good.” Through his journey to run a marathon on every continent, he raised over $42,000 that provided more than 2,100 children in need with new winter coats from the non-profit Operation Warm. “I always thought when things got tough, I needed to go further and keep going for them.”

Nik’s first continent was North America, followed by South America, Antarctica, Australia, Africa, Europe and last Asia.

“After I finished the seven continents, everyone asked what I was going to do next.” And he had an answer. Nik’s newest goal is to be the youngest person to run a marathon in each of the 50 states. But once again, this awesome accomplishment isn’t about him, the record or the praise. His goal for this adventure is to raise money for the Seva Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides critical vision care to people in need around the world.

“I was always told, ‘You’re too young. You can’t do it.’ But I did it, and if that helps other people do what they love and follow their dreams, then I think that I should share my story.”

“Do what you love for good.” – Nik Toocheck.