16 things NOT to do on race day

By December 2, 2015Run

Race day is finally here! You’ve trained hard and know everything you need to do on race day. But what about things you shouldn’t do? Check out these tips from Run Haven to get you to the finish line:

  1. Don’t freak out if you didn’t sleep the night before the race. No one does. Try to get your best rest two nights before, and then stop worrying about it.
  2. Don’t eat something you have never eaten before a run. Running messes with your stomach enough. Don’t tempt it even more by introducing a new and possibly difficult-to-digest food the day of the race.
  3. Don’t forget warm clothes. Sure, it might be warm enough for shorts and a tank while you are running, but races start early, and you usually freeze for hours waiting for the gun to go off. Go to a second-hand store days before your race and buy something you can throw away when it’s time to run.
  4. Don’t chug tons of water before the race. You are not in the desert, and you are not a camel. If you over-drink before a race with hopes of hydrating well, you will simply have to pee like a racehorse. There are aid stations with water — use them.
  5. Don’t forget to thank the volunteers. All of those people handing you water, cheering you on and putting a medal around your neck are not paid to be there. Thank them for what they do.
  6. Don’t forget to lube up! Chafing is the worst. Avoid it and grease up those parts that might rub.
  7. Don’t pee in your corral. Yes, some people have been known to do this. Races typically have numerous porta-potties. Plan well and use those. No one wants to see you pee or step in your puddle.

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