3 popular pre-race myths you need to forget

By May 19, 2016Run

The right combination of hard workouts, recovery efforts, weekly mileage and long runs are the main ingredients necessary to run a new personal best. An often overlooked, yet critical component to running fast, however, is executing in the final days and hours leading up to the race. Even small mistakes in this tiny timeframe before a race can spell disaster regardless of how fit you are.

To help maximize your chances of success on race day, let’s look at three of the most common pre-race myths and learn why (and how) to avoid making these same mistakes before your next race.

Myth #1: Warming up will make you tired for the race.

Many beginners don’t recognize the importance of warming up before a race. Not only will a warm-up prime your muscles for hard running, it will dramatically increase performance and help prevent injuries. If you skip your warm-up, consequently your first few miles end up serving as your “warm-up,” hindering your performance. 

If you’ve put in the necessary training to prepare for your goal race, jogging 10 to 15 minutes followed by some short, fast accelerations before a race will not fatigue you in any way.

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