4 ways to properly celebrate Global Running Day

By May 31, 2016Run

June 1st is Global Running Day, and if it came with gifts, it might be our all-time favorite holiday. Global Running Day is all about celebrating the sport we love and inspiring others to get moving.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your running shoes and your Swiftwick socks and celebrate properly in all or any of these four ways.

1. Go for a lunchtime run.

Here at Swiftwick, we are always trying to squeeze in a lunchtime run. Or a before-work run. Or an after-work run. Basically we’re all about running around work. Running on your lunch break doesn’t always seem feasible or practical, but it isn’t as difficult as you might think. You may not be as lucky to work somewhere like Swiftwick where it’s perfectly normal to do the second half of your day sweaty, but with the help of baby wipes, extra deodorant and dry shampoo, your coworkers may not even notice you worked up a sweat.

In honor of Global Running Day, Runner’s World has even provided downloadable “gone for a RUNch” signs to hang on your desk or door. Invite a coworker and you might even find a new running partner.

2. Find a local group running event.

Run groups and run stores around the country are getting in the spirit of the sport they love most by hosting community events. Fleet Feet Sports is hosting group runs at all 162 Fleet Feet Sports stores tomorrow. The All4Run Global Running Day events start and conclude at their storefronts and will have raffles, prizes, and refreshments after. Find your local store for event schedules.

Check out Runner’s World guide to find more events.

3. Sign up for a race.

There’s no better way to celebrate Global Running Day then to commit to more running! In the true spirit of this day, several race organizers are offering discounts on race registration.

  • The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is offering their “best prices of the year,” starting at 12 am PDT. Be sure to set your alarm- you’ll be able to save all day but the best deals are available with limited supply. Check out their site to see how much you can save on which races. The deals last until 11:59 PDT. 
  • The Big Sur Marathon is offering $10 off their Half Marathon on Monterey Bay and the Salinas Valley Half Marathon’s registration fees, and $5 off their Run in the Name of Love 5K or dog-friendly 2K. To register, use the discount code – GRD16.
  • The first 1,000 registrants for each FitOne Boise race (5K, 10K, or Half Marathon) pay $20.  The package includes race registration, as well as coupons and a one-month gym membership. 
  • Runner’s World is offering discounts on the Runner’s World Half & Festival this October 14-16 in Bethlehem, PA. On June 1 only, you can get 13.1 percent off all registration fees.

4. Show off your Global Running Day run on social media!

If you’re a runner, your social media following probably knows it loud and clear. If you’re rocking your Swiftwicks on Global Running Day, be sure to hashtag #beSwift and tag Swiftwick in your posts!