6 Easy Steps For Beginning Runners

By May 7, 2015Run

I became an avid runner during college. Though I had always run before due to various sports I participated in, I had never looked forward to going for a run. Every time I saw my running shoes, I slightly cringed inside. However, one day I decided to change my mind set and view running as an enjoyable activity that would  make me stronger and help alleviate stress. Though my mind set did not change instantly, I slowly began to enjoy it more with each step I took. Here is some advice from someone who was once in your shoes. 

1. Set a goal. To this day, I still have trouble motivating myself to go for a run if I do not have a goal to meet.  I will sign up for a race several weeks in advance so I can use training as my motivation. You might want to run a marathon or run a mile in a certain time. For each of these goals, I would recommend also setting week by week goals and celebrate the victories. 

2. Invest in good running shoes and SOCKS!
I have super flat feet; so I have to purchase shoes that have extra support. I have tried to save some money when it came to my running shoes, and I just ended up in tremendous pain. Trust me, supportive shoes are worth the money. Most people realize that good shoes are important, but overlook quality when it comes to their socks. A great sock to kick off your running career is the PERFORMANCE. This sock offers ultimate durability with just the right amount of breathability and wicking . I personally like the PERFORMANCE ZERO’s, which are no-show socks, but the PERFORMANCE comes in six difference heights to meet your preference.


3. Get a buddy. Sometimes I like to run by myself, but the times I have run my best were when I was running with another person. It also gives me another reason to catch up with a friend. Besides, everyone has times when they do not feel like running. There is no  better way to get outside or go to the gym then knowing that someone is waiting on you. 

4. Train like you are an athlete. Make sure you are staying hydrated and eating nutritious foods for optimal performance. However, this does not mean having to get in a rut when it comes to your diet. Add some variety and focus on foods that will help fuel you. An additional tip is to carry water around with you to stay better hydrated. For me, I never leave home without my water bottle. On the days that I forget it, I drink so much less. Invest in fueling your body, and it will thank you later.

5. Listen to your body and rest. It is important to push yourself, but it is also equally important to listen to your body. Don’t overdo it and risk injury. Make sure you are giving yourself time to recuperate. 

6. Make it FUN! Do you like running in nature? Do you want to do a Color Run with all your friends? Find what you enjoy and incorporate it into your running routine!

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  • Fred wagnwr says:

    Good article but I must take exception to your advice that flat feet need supportive shoes. Everyone is different and better advice would be to seek out a quality running shoe store where a professional can observe you run and help in shoe selection. I too have flat feet but tend to supinate and need a neutral shoe. The support you describe as important is detrimental to me one size does not fit all.

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