A new kind of group run: treadmill studios

By November 20, 2015Run

We’re not denying that nothing beats a run outside, especially one filled with abundant sunshine, the smell of fresh air and the not too cold wind rushing past you. But, if the place you call home is obnoxiously cold a lot of the year, a new fitness studio in New York City has an alternative for you.

The Mile High Run Club in NYC now offers group running sessions on treadmills. These classes come with enthusiastic coaches, high-energy music and glowing lights- think spinning for runners. Treadmill group runs are great for runners of all levels because you don’t have to worry about too fast or slow for the pack.

Mile High opened just over a year ago and already has done nearly 3,000 classes. Many classes even have a wait list. Their overwhelming success has inspired similar studios to open in the Northeast. A studio in Boston, MyStryde, is set to open early next year.

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What do you think? Is this a great or terrible idea? Would you ever try a treadmill group run?