America’s first woman to complete Marathon Challenge sets sights on new adventures

By April 12, 2016Run

Swiftwick athlete Becca Pizzi was the first American woman to successfully run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. Though she has received tremendous publicity for her success, her main motive for embarking on this challenge was to inspire other runners and set an example for her 8-year-old daughter.

Becca finished the challenge in a total time of 27 hours, 26 minutes and 15 seconds and attributes her success to her training as well as her fans. Becca trained 70-100 miles per week in various climates and terrains, plus accompanied her running with either cross-training or yoga each day. Becca understood the physical demand of preparing for the Marathon Challenge, but she knew it was even more important to train mentally.

Becca went from running in minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit in Antarctica to 77 degrees Fahrenheit just a few days later in Sydney. Despite dealing with a groin tear, she was still able to average a time of 3:55:11 per marathon. Some days she felt like she couldn’t stand up, but she never hit the wall mentally.

“I just kept thinking, I did not come this far to come this far,” said Becca Pizzi. “I kept thinking of my friends and family in my hometown, especially my daughter Taylor. I knew they were all cheering for me. That is what kept me going.”

Becca accomplished her goal of inspiring the world. Little did she know that she would start a movement. Since beginning her journey, Becca’s inbox has continued to grow to over 2,000 emails. People have heard her story and started their own journeys, whether that be quitting smoking or training for a 5k.

Becca has answered every single email and returned the encouragement that her supporters have shown her. She has gone on to create partnerships with the Boston Red Sox, Sam Adams and John Hancock as a motivational speaker and received a proclamation from the House of Representatives as well as a standing ovation from the State Senate in Massachusetts.

“Our goal as a company is to support athletes who inspire the running community,” said Chuck Smith, president of Swiftwick. “We are excited to continue with Becca on her running journey as she continues to push herself physically and mentally.”

As Becca continues to relish in the victory, including celebrating Becca Pizzi Day every Feb. 4 in Belmont, Mass., she trains and sets her eyes on new goals. She plans to run a marathon in every state and will be competing in the Boston Marathon. She also plans to continue to push herself outside of her comfort zone and compete in an Ironman.

About Becca Pizzi

Inspired by her father, Becca’s running career began at age six. She went on to compete at Mars Hill University and has continued to run after college on her journey to run a marathon in all 50 states. Becca has run 45 marathons, including 15 Boston Marathons and the World Marathon Challenge. She is also passionate about her community and serves as a pace setter for Beast Pacing and volunteers as a coach at Boston Fit and Belmont Track Club. When she isn’t running, she enjoys spending time with her daughter Taylor.