Amputee Blade Runners gives 7-year-old a new chance to run

By May 4, 2015Run


Meet Serenity Smolen, a precious 7-year-old girl from Ohio. Her big smile and fantastic attitude will steal your heart immediately. She and her family have just spent a week in Nashville as Serenity worked countless hours with Amputee Blade Runners to become fitted for her new running blade. Amputee Blade Runners is a non-profit organization that helps provide free running prosthetics for amputees. Running prosthetics are not covered by insurance and are considered “not medically necessary.” ABR helps amputees keep an active lifestyle. “Our goal is to provide a running prosthesis to one athlete in all 50 states by 2016,” says

Just a few days after being back home in Ohio, Serenity’s mom sent this email to Amputee Blade Runners:

“Earlier in the year, Serenity had to run the mile in gym. With the leg she had, which was slowing her down so much, she wasn’t able to finish. On Thursday, her first day back, her class had to do the mile again. They waited till she was back so she could do it with them. She finished!! She ran the first couple and walked the rest, with three of her friends walking with her. She was so excited to tell me that she was able to finish!!! The best part is that she is excited about running, excited about what she is able to do and will be able to do with more work. I feel like I came home with a different girl, in the best way possible. ‪Amputee Blade Runners,‬ that smile is all you.”
– Jane Smolen

You will see from the videos and pictures that Serenity is going to break through so many barriers just from having a new running leg.

ABR’s national run campaign, 5FIVE15, is kicking off tomorrow. The campaign is designed to get people, run groups, classes, and teams involved in raising awareness for amputee athletes. Through events like 5FIVE15, ABR is able to make a difference in people’s lives, just like Serenity!

Learn more about the 5FIVE15 Campaign and Amputee Blade Runners here. Join the campaign and share with your friends!