An Athlete’s story: Why they started and Why they’re still doing it

By January 9, 2017Life, Run
Swiftwick Athlete's Story

An athlete’s story is what separates them from the others. While on paper, it may seem that they seem similar, the whys and the hows can stem from many different backgrounds. Being an athlete means so much to different people.

Swiftwick Athlete Justin Metzler shares a bit of his story and it sure to be one of motivation:

I am 23 years old and I have been racing for 10 years. I never planned on being a professional triathlete. In fact, I didn’t have a plan at all. But somehow I ended up here and with my 10 year race anniversary having come and gone, I wanted to tell the story. The story of how I went from an overweight 13 year old to a 7x podium finisher at some of the most competitive triathlons on the planet.

Read the rest of the Justin Metzler’s amazing story here.

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