Chafing, you are not welcome here

By September 9, 2015Run

Chafing is the WORST. Is there anything worse during a race? Okay, falling down a hill and then being trampled would be worse. But chafing is for sure one of the most annoying, common problems that runners face. 

So what causes this irritation? Dr. Sebastian Gonzales, a member of the sports medical team at the Surf City Marathon and Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, says that the causes of chafing are simple. “Chafing with running typically is just an irritation to the skin from excessive friction,” he says. “This can happen in a variety of places from nipples to thighs—anything is really fair game. It can happen in a place where the skin comes into contact with other skin, where moisture remains or exposed to clothing.”

The solution seems simple to me: just don’t wear clothes! But if you don’t like that suggestion, here are five tips from Competitor to keep you safe from the chafe.

1. Get to know your hot spots in advance.

2. Test out solutions in training.

3. Wear compression shorts and other snug clothing.

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