Couple gets married while running the Chicago Marathon

By October 13, 2015Run
Nancy Stone / Chicago Tribune

When runners Stephanie Reinhart and Mark Jockel were planning their future wedding, they couldn’t agree on what kind of wedding they wanted. Reinhart wanted a small, simple ceremony while Jockel wanted a big wedding with lots of guests. Fortunately, they were able to work out a compromise: get married DURING the Chicago Marathon!

“I got my short and sweet ceremony, and Mark got 40,000 guests,” Reinhart told The Chicago Tribune.

Stephanie and Mark tied the knot at mile eight of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon this past weekend. The ceremony took place under a garden arch decorated with race medals and lasted fewer than four minutes. The couple toasted with Gatorade.

“We wanted it to be short because we knew we’d want to take some photos and then we had 18 more miles to run,” Reinhart said.

The couple met in summer 2013 through Chicago Area Runners Association, where they both trained in the 8-minute mile group to run that fall’s marathon. Sunday’s race was Jockel’s ninth marathon and Reinhart’s third. A mid-race wedding seemed fitting.

For their honeymoon, Reinhart and Jockel are traveling to Canada’s Churchill, Manitoba, to take a polar bear trek.

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