Cycling Makes You a Better Runner

By September 26, 2016Bike, Run

Written by: Jade Spilka

If you’re a runner looking to improve, you may want to consider adding cycling to your training regimen. Cycling has been known to improve runners’ performances significantly. Cycling gives you the chance to do more work and cause less stress to the body at the same time.

Cycling is a great way to cross-train. It is non-impact but still has aerobic benefits. Runners recovering from injury often turn to cycling because it’s easy on the joints while still providing a rigorous workout.

Cycling also builds strength in muscles that running does not. Running builds up a particular set of muscles. These muscles may become extremely strong due to exclusively running but eventually your progress will stop. Complimentary muscles must be built, and one way to do this is through cycling.

It is important to keep in mind that cycling is a more expensive form of exercise than running, but the results show that these two combined make a dream team in fitness.

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