Distance runners can learn a thing or two from sprinters

By November 10, 2016Run

Sometimes distance runners need to get into a sprinter mindset to go faster. Not all the time. But sometimes. Think we’re crazy?

Well, Competitor shared an insightful article that may bridge the gap. While it more often than note feels like the two styles of runners are doing their own thing, there may be a reason to connect the dots.

The article states:

Who better to prove this theory than four-time Olympic sprinting champion Michael Johnson?

“The distance races are becoming more speed-endurance events versus just brutal endurance events,” said Lance Walker, Michael Johnson Performance’s Director of Performance. “They are speed athletes at a lower overall output and in a longer duration.”

Walker began seriously studying the biomechanics of Kenenisa Bekele and other world-leading distance runners. He realized there were key traits distinguishing the fast from the fastest.

“They weren’t running like Asafa Powell for 1500-meters … but the needle was pointing more towards the sprinting biomechanics than they were the [slower runners’] biomechanics,” Walker said.

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