Dog runs for the first time with prosthetics

By November 24, 2015Run


Have you ever been so happy that you just ran with joy? Daisy can relate.

Daisy the dog, known in the Facebook world as Daisy Underbite, made headlines earlier this year for being a social media starlet with an adorable underbite and spunky attitude — all despite her difficulty moving around due to a congenital leg deformity.

Now the pooch, who lives in Los Angeles, is making the news again and this time, she’s celebrating a new milestone. 

The precious dog is now running thanks to a pair of prosthetic legs. Her first time running was documented in a video and shared on Facebook. It looks like she’s having the time of her life! 

Daisy, whose elbows, right shoulder and back hips are dislocated on top of having the leg deformity, previously needed a special wheelchair to move around. When she got tired, her owner, Sheena Main, would push her in a special wagon.

Now Daisy switches between using her prosthetic legs and her wheelchair, depending on her environment, Main told the Huffington Post. While the dog is still getting used to her prosthetics — as walking and running take a lot of energy — Main said she hopes Daisy will get stronger over time. Hopefully, she’ll be opened up to a world of possibility. 

“I would love to see her build more strength and muscles from using the prosthetic legs, and eventually go out on an adventure with her and create unforgettable memories,” Main said. 

This article originally appeared on the Huffington Post.

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