How to dress for rainy runs

By February 23, 2016Run

Run rain

The few dedicated souls willing to run in the rain are true champions. Dressing for the rain can be tricky, but read these tips for staying as dry as possible when the weather is not in your favor.

Wear a hat or visor

Keep the rain from pelting your eyes by wearing a hat or visor with a brim. For warmer rainy runs, opt for the visor. Visors allow heat to escape more efficiently. For cooler runs, add a beanie or headband for warmth. 

Protect your eyes

In a driving rain, wearing a pair of light-tinted or clear glasses can help protect your eyes from getting pelted. A good anti-fog lens cleaner will keep your vision clear in the moisture and humidity.

Wear wicking socks

Is there anything more important than your feet during a race? Answer: no. That’s why wearing a pair of wicking socks can make all the difference when it comes to rainy runs and blisters. Every line of Swiftwicks socks are made with fibers designed to repel moisture. Olefin, the primary material in most Swiftwick lines, holds less than .01% of its weight in moisture, keeping your feet dry no matter the weather.

Dress in layers

The fabric closest to your body should be a technical fabric such as polypropylene or CoolMax. This helps take in water and sweat away from your skin. If it’s also cold, throw on an outer layer. This should be awind and water-resistant jacket (a big trash bag can do the trick). However wearing more layers does not mean you will stay dry; it may mean that you will be wearing unnecessary heavy and wet clothes.

Sport a jacket, vest, or trash bag (ummm, what?)

Invest in a lightweight, waterproof shell jacket—not necessarily one that’s marketed to runners—to stay dry on cold, rainy runs and during other rainy day activities. These jackets may not breathe as well as running-specific ones, but they are best at keeping rain out. For warmer rainy runs, try an ultra lightweight rain-resistant running jacket or vest. If you’re willing to throw fashion right out the window, wear a large garbage bag while in your corral. This will keep you nice and dry right up to race start.

Lube up

Use an anti-chafe balm or petroleum jelly on body part that may chafe (arms, nipples, legs, sports bra seam lines, etc.).

Dry out

When you finish your run, get out of your wet clothes and into dry ones (or a warm shower) immediately. To help your shoes dry, remove the insoles and stuff the shoes with newspaper or paper towels.

What are your favorite tricks for running in the rain?