Is Walking a Better Workout than Running?

By September 14, 2016Run
2017 Boston Marathon

The recent buzz of celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson telling People magazine she prefers walking over running has caused quite the conversation.  However, it wasn’t the fact she encouraged walking over running that got the conversation heated.  New York Magazine called her out on saying you burned more calories walking than running.  They backed up their findings with some serious fact:

Tracy, I’d like to refer you to this table of metabolic equivalents, or METs, representing the energy cost of various activities compared to sitting. Walking at four and a half miles per hour (or 13:20 per mile) is seven METs, or seven times the number of calories burned at rest. Running at six miles per hour (or 10:00 per mile) is ten METs. At those paces, you could either run for 30 minutes or walk for 42 minutes and 51 seconds and burn the same amount of calories.

It’s important to know the facts when partaking in exercise, and it’s equally important to get out and do what moves you whether it’s walking, running, hiking or cycling!