Is your running form falling apart?

By October 26, 2016Run

How would you rate your muscular endurance? Competitor recently posted an informative article that states study shows muscular endurance prevents fatigue-related loss of running economy.

Is your body consuming more oxygen? The less oxygen you consume, the more endurance you have. Think of it has your body’s gas mileage.

Competitor states: There is a fundamental difference between running economy and gas mileage, however. Cars get the same gas mileage regardless of whether the tank is full, half-full, or three-quarters empty. But runners actually lose economy as they become progressively fatigued. The reason seems to be that running form changes with fatigue, becoming sloppier and more wasteful. One way to improve your performance in races is to train specifically to delay and attenuate this “falling apart” of the stride.

Read how it’s done HERE.


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