Listen to your body

By April 18, 2016Run

As a sponsor of the 2016 Runner’s World Getaway weekend in Hilton Head, we were lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most passionate and educated female runners in the country. Through listening to some awesome speakers and conversing with the dedicated attendees, we were provided with information that touched on virtually every facet of running. And as any runner knows, nutrition greatly contributes to the quality of your runs.

We often stress about maintaining the perfect meal plan to match our running needs. Our busy lifestyles force us to rely on blogs and other people to inform us on how we should plan. This has its dangers because every person is different, and your body is the only source that truly knows you best.

Much like how we blindly rely on our GPS watches to stay on track, we diligently check off a training meal plan without truly listening to what our bodies are telling us.  As we go about a busy day-to-day schedule and squeeze in our meals, we must remember that each day is different and can require different levels of key nutrients.

So before you go and find the next trendy meal plan, asses your training and your body’s needs by taking a step back and understanding what your body may be missing on a day-to-day basis.