Overcoming adversity with tenacity: Kurt Yaeger’s story

By September 23, 2015Run

Post by: Kurt Yaeger, Swiftwick athlete. 

To hell with all the motivational crap you read from writers, fitness gurus and health experts. They’re people who love doing this shit in the first place. I’m a regular guy who wakes up sore, sometimes unmotivated, and I just happen to be missing a leg.

Now where did I put my running liner? I always know where my running leg is, I put it in the same place every day, but the liner, the part that rolls up over my residual limb (or stump) always ends up in a different place. Damn it.

Oh yeah, a little background. I was in a little motorcycle accident where I snapped my pelvis in half, tore open my bladder, sustained multiple internal injuries, cracked seven vertebrae, collapsed my lung, broke my ribs, ripped both my ACL and MCL and had my left leg amputated. Now, eight years later I’m a full-time actor appearing in shows like NCIS and Sons Of Anarchy, as well as on Hallmark Channel Films, Syfy feature films and my newest TV role in Quarry (Cinemax 2016).

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Kurt joined the Swiftwick team as an athlete in September of 2015. His socks of choice are the PURSUIT, VIBE, and ASPIRE.