Run with the pros: Max King Trail Running Camp

By June 16, 2016Run

Not many teens get the chance to run with the pros. 

That’s why ultrarunning champion Max King has created a junior trail running camp experience for runners ages 16-20 designed to bring a complete awareness to time in the wilderness. Trail running, forest stewardship, nutrition, trail maintenance, trail etiquette, map reading and navigation skills will be taught by some of the most accomplished trail runners in the nation.

There are currently FIVE spots left for the youth camp that takes place June 27-July 1! Visit to sign up. Here’s more info from Max himself:

1. Tell us about your involvement in this event.

Max: I guess I’ll be known as the camp founder. I’ve been wanting to do a running camp like this for several years and through the prodding of my co-director we’ve finally brought it to life.

2. Why does this event mean so much to you?

Sharing my knowledge of all I’ve gained over the years is a way I feel like can make a positive difference in people’s lives, whether it’s helping them get off the couch on their first run to helping them feel comfortable out in the wilderness. At the end of a week of camp with 20 youth, I’m hoping each one of them will be more comfortable doing the things that they love to do and to do it safely.

3. What can those attending hope to achieve?

Over the course of the week, we hope to instill a greater sense of awareness of the natural world around them through the lens of trail running. They will learn how to navigate with a map and compass, learn how the trails they love to run come into existence and why it’s so important to take care of them. Through challenges each day they’ll learn more about themselves and pushing their limits.

4. What’s it like to to be able to put on this event?

It’s so cool to be able to put this on. In it’s first year, I’m sure we’ll be working out the kinks and learning how to pack as much as we can into one week. But I’m confident that we’ve got something that is unique and also necessary to help trail runners to stay safe and be more involved in their sport.

5. In one sentence (or two), describe this event.

The camp is to help foster a level of comfort and independence while running trails in remote areas through education in map reading and navigation and to provide a level of understanding about forest issues and trail maintenance through hands on work. Our over-arching goal is to create capable trail runners and stewards with a lifelong love of nature.

For those folks that aren’t between 15-20 years old, Max is hosting an adult camp September 21-25th in Mt Shasta that will have a similar format and goals! Learn more at