Some of the best things that only happen with your run group

By October 6, 2016Run

For those that enjoy the benefits of having a local run group, you know how wonderful it can be to have fellow runners to rely on to keep you motivated to keep running. However, that’s not all that you get out of having a run group.

For instance,  there’s the relating to people that share the same passion you do. That’s priceless. Not everyone relates to what it’s like to train for your next PR. There’s also the friendships outside of the group. It’s hard to curate friendships in this day and age and run groups help make that introduction. And perhaps one of the greatest is the fact they meet at your local dealer. What’s that mean to you? You get to be kept up to date on all of the coolest products and have them at your fingers tips.

What is YOUR favorite thing about having a run group?

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