Start to Master Race Day Fueling in 3 Steps thanks to Swiftwick Athlete Annie Weiss

By September 12, 2016Run

Do you ever sit and watch the Boston Marathon and never see the winners eat or drink anything? Or ever watch Killian hammer through a hundred miler eating maybe a quarter as much as the guy next to him and it’s in liquid form? There are actual chemical and physical differences between each person. Seems logical, right? Then why have so many people not mastered the art of fueling? They get to mile 30 or 50 gassed, or pass out half way through, or even worse, go to the hospital for fluids!  As a dietitian working with athletes everyday and an ultra runner myself, I sat back and thought about the 3 key pieces that majority of athletes are missing on race day. Let’s assume you are an athlete with a sound nutrition base (that’s always number one before dialing in your race day fueling)…these 3 things can help you start to master your fueling. Promise!

Step 1. Stop assuming your fueling plan is written on the back of a gel packet.

Step 2: Stop thinking if you fuel like the pros you will be a pro.

Step 3: Stop believing diet claims.

Read the full breakdown on Swiftwick athlete’s Ani Weiss’ blog HERE.