Swiftwick athlete Becca Pizzi becomes 1st American woman to win World Marathon Challenge

By January 29, 2016Run

Swiftwick athlete Becca Pizzi made history today when she became the first woman from the United States to complete (and WIN) the World Marathon Challenge in the early morning hours of January 30 (still the January 29 in the U.S.) in Sydney, Australia.

This incredible feat consisted of running seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. Crazy, right?

Pizzi’s cumulative time of 27 hours, 26 minutes, and 15 seconds works out to an average of 3:55:11 per marathon, which shattered Marianna Zaikova’s event record, established last year, by nearly 13 hours.

Becca’s journey started in Antarctica, where the first race took place. She then traveled to Punta Arenas, Chile for the South America race; Miami, Florida for the North America leg; Africa’s race took place in Marrakech, Morocco. She tackled Madrid, Spain for Europe. Next was Dubai, United Arab Emirates for Asia, and then a grand finish in Sydney, Australia.

Becca rocking the ASPIRE TWELVE in Crave Pink with race director Richard Donovan!

Becca had an incredible support system throughout the race, with friends and family posting, hashtagging and wearing shirts with the phrase “Becca strong.”

What does being “Becca strong” mean? One example is never giving up. Two miles into her sixth marathon of the week, Becca pulled a groin muscle. Despite the pain, she pushed through the current race and even the next. Her tenacity definitely paid off. Not only did she win the race and set a world record, she inspired runners, athletes and humans all over the world to chase and follow through with their dreams.

After completing the challenge, Becca posted on her Facebook, “To my daughter Taylor this one is for YOU, believe in yourself because when you do, Anything Is Possible!!!”