What was Max King’s first step to becoming an elite athlete?

By October 17, 2016Run
Max King at the 2015 Warrior Dash World Championship

A chemical engineering job isn’t exactly one you’d think someone would walk away from, but that’s exactly with Max King has done. The Bend Bulletin did a spotlight on the ultra runner and exactly what would motivate the Ivy League educated athlete to make the leap into the world of elite athletes. First step? Quit your job.

Max King on the trail

You don’t just leave a good chemical engineering job in Bend and try to go off and make a living in running, because it doesn’t really pay very well,” King told the Bend Bulletin. “Every year you’re worried about money, and you’re worried about being able to make enough to live on, because there are no guarantees that you’re going to win the same prize money, or that your contract is going to be renewed. It’s just being confident in what you’re doing is the right thing to be doing.”

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