Why does someone run an ultra marathon?

By September 22, 2016Run

Ever wondered what might make someone want to run an ultra marathon?

Swiftwick Team Member Shannon Sharp shares her passion:

I never thought I would be a marathoner, much less an ultra marathoner. However, after years of training for speed, endurance has become my drug of choice.


There is a culture that engulfs ultra running; a global community of athletes who find joy in misery. Regardless of the venue, suffering is and will always be the common denominator in ultra racing. Whether it’s hunger or dehydration or elevation or a fall, ultra running is about overcoming. It’s about listening to your body, and shushing your brain. I love learning to tolerate the physical pain, and rising above psychological discomfort. I love not knowing what’s coming next, or how long I will be on my feet. I love how no two trails are alike, and no one trail looks the same in the light verses the dark. I love pushing my body to its threshold, and then pushing a little farther. Ultra running is the purest test of what the human body and mind is willing at attempt and conquer. There’s just nothing like it.


Contact your local dealer to see about getting involved in a local ultra marathon!