Winter running tips from pro Max King

By November 13, 2015Run
Photo by Paul Nelson Photography

Pro runner Max King is crushing it lately. He’s podiumed at several important races, including the Warrior Dash and Western States 100-miler. He credits his success to training hard year-round, even in the dead of winter. To teach other runners how to stay warm as snow season approaches, he co-hosted a cold-weather clinic in Bend, Oregon, last month. Here are his five most important tips.

Embrace 3/4-Length Tights

“This is 2015. Time to embrace the manpris,” King says. A three-quarter-length tight regulates body temperature better than shorts on days that are just above freezing and offers a greater range of motion than full-length tights. King (who’s sponsored by Salomon) runs in the Endurance 3/4 Tight. “Salomon makes some really great winter running gear because of its heritage in the mountains,” he says.

Skip the Gore-Tex Shoes

“I tend to run in my normal running shoes through the winter,” King says. He lives in Bend, Oregon, where it’s cold and dry, rendering a Gore-Tex liner moot. He does suggest that runners buy a pair of wool running socks, like the Swiftwick Wool PURSUIT, which will move moisture off your feet when you sweat and still keep you warm if you get soaked.

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