12 facts about Pittsburgh that rock our socks off

By June 25, 2015Spotlight

Most people know Pittsburgh as the Steel City, but have you heard these other little-known Pittsburgh facts? Throw on your black and yellow (because all Pittsburgh teams have the same colors!) and get your Pittsburgh pride on.

1.  Pittsburgh has an inspector of steps. Someone has to maintain all 700 of the stairs making this hilly city navigable.
Source: Wikimedia user SteelCityHobbies

2.  The Myron Cope Terrible Towel, an absolute must-have for all real Steelers fans, was created in 1975 because department stores kept selling out of yellow and black hand towels faster than the others. This made for unhappy customers wanting fully matching yellow bath mats, towels, and wash clothes.

3.  Check your eyesight because the three “stars” on the Steelers logo aren’t actually stars. They’re hypocycloids—go look that up—and the colors represent the materials for making steel.

4.  What do Michael Keaton, Demi Moore, Andy Warhol and Christina Aguilera all have in common? They’re all famous Pittsburgh natives!

 5.  Thanks goes to Dr. Jonas Salk and the University of Pittsburgh for the creation of the first polio vaccine.


 6.  No carnival would be complete without a ride on the Ferris wheel, invented by Pittsburgh local George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. in 1892.

 7.  Pittsburghese: The language only real Pittsburghers speak and only they can understand, including “warsh” and “yinz.”

 8.  Everyone knows Primanti Bros. Sandwich is a Pittsburgh restaurant staple. Not everyone knows that their famous French fry and coleslaw topped sandwiches were invented during the Depression so that laborers could hold their entire meal with one hand and work with the other.

 9.  Another famous sandwich was invented in Pittsburgh: The Big Mac. Pittsburghers are so proud of Jim Delligatti’s delectable invention, they even made a museum for this Golden-Arches classic.
10.  Some other American favorites such as the Clark bar, Klondike bar, and Heinz ketchup all originated in Pittsburgh.

11.  The Point State Park fountain is actually spewing out 6,000 gallons per minute of water from a glacial formation

12.  Pittsburgh’s other nickname is “The City of Bridges.” Pittsburgh doesn’t just have a lot of bridges. It has the most. With around 446 current structures it beats out even Venice, Italy.

Original list from: Movoto.com.

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