How to be an active dad that pursues greatnesss

By June 16, 2016Spotlight

Although we think awesome dads should be celebrated year-round, this Sunday is a special time to recognize dads who pursue greatness. It isn’t easy to balance home, work and an active life, especially when you’re a parent. It takes a special kind of dad to be able to do it all.

Jamie Pillsbury, Swiftwick’s national sales manager of bike, is one of those special dads. Here’s what he had to say about the importance of getting outside with his kids and being an active dad.

Do you think it’s important for parents to be active with their kids?

Teaching your kids to enjoy being active and love the outdoors is extremely important to us as a family. The more our kids appreciate and respect the access they have to parks, trails and natural spaces, the more involved they will become when they are older to ensure they are available for others to enjoy down the road.

How do you convey the importance of being active to your kids?

Our kids are still very young so we do not put too much emphasis on “being active.” We just lead by example and take them outside regularly so it will just become part of who they are and what we do as a family. That way it doesn’t seem like a chore and more about having fun.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside with your kids?

We spend most of our time riding bikes, hiking and playing at our neighborhood park, mainly because we have easy access to greenways, hiking trails and playgrounds where we live. But we ask them what they want to do outside too so they feel engaged in the adventure.

How does being active yourself affect your role as a parent?

I was extremely active prior to being a parent and did not want having children to impact that too much. Of course it does have it’s own set of challenges, but you just have to fit it in. I feel better and have more energy after a great workout which benefits me and my kids. I have slowed down on my competitive activities, but teaching them has been a greater reward than any race finish.

What advice would you give to new parents about leading their kids towards an active lifestyle?

Start them early is my best advice. Both of my kids spent their early years either being pushed in a jogging stroller or being pulled behind my bike in a chariot. They loved the adventure, and it gave me time to still get out and train for trail and mountain bike races. So when it came time for them to start riding on their own, it was a very easy transition.

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