Preparing for a weekend hike trip

By October 16, 2016Spotlight


In one of our blog posts, we proposed some different methods and strategies of packing for a hike or excursion. If you deeply yearn for that info, try HERE.

A weekend long excursion can sometimes be the result of a compromise. People have work. People have school. People have kids. Backpacking must be put on the back burner every once in a while when life exists. Weekend long hiking and backpacking adventures can seem bitter sweet, but they are actually pretty low maintenance.

If worst comes to worst on a weekend trip, a lack of food will not kill you. Your pack is light, and the winds of adventure come quick and easy. Not much is needed for a weekend trip. Even though work is on Monday, the outdoors will grace you with a weekend kiss. A weekend trek is wonderful and whimsical.

First step: LOGISTICS

We can’t stress this enough: know what you’re doing, where you’re going, and what said place will be like (e.g. the temperature, terrain, and wildlife that could eat you).

Be confident about the difficulty of the trail. If fifty miles is too much for a weekend, cut it to twenty or thirty. There is no shame to cutting back and not destroying your body. Do what you can and enjoy the trail!


Backpacking is about stowing away the essentials. Weekend treks are about living off the essentials…of the essentials. One must not live in luxury for a weekend. Luxury is weight, and weight can handily bog down adventure.

We need:

  • shelter / sleeping stuff. This includes a bag and mat or a hammock.
  • one or maybe two sets of clothes
  • a jacket
  • NECESSARY tools. Even a camping stove isn’t necessary. Try smoked sausage and tortillas! Or for the veggie kids, try peanut butter and granola burritos! Make sure that caloric and protein intake is sufficient. Many healthy backpacking recipes can be found on the web.
  • Water – so much water, always.


Just stop, breathe, and find something wonderful about the world around. The week may start in a few days, but the trail starts now. Stay safe and slay the outdoors!

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