Swiftwick Spotlight: August 14, 2015

By August 14, 2015Spotlight

Here at Swiftwick, we have the privilege of helping athletes do what moves them. We have a lot of awesome athletes doing awesome things, and we want to share these accomplishments with the world!

Here are this week’s spotlighted athletes.

My name is Ian. I am in my third season of triathlon racing, and I am about to race my fourth out of six races. However, I haven’t always been into triathlon, or healthy at all for that matter.

Through high school and college, I liked to party and have a good time. That good time around friends became something I would extend into week nights, however. Before I knew it, I was pairing wine, sleeping pills and anything else just to sleep. The day time became a gap just to get back to that “sleep.” After two close calls (unfortunately the first one didn’t hit home hard enough), I decided I needed to make a change and fast.

That’s when I started working out. It became my new fix. I loved it, and I loved the way it made me feel. Shortly there after, I found triathlons, and I was instantly in love. Since then, I have completed in a full marathon, 1 half Ironman distance race and countless spring, Olympic, 5k and various other races. It is my goal to share my story with as many people that will listen.

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André Slay

André Slay just hit his personal best running in his Swiftwicks! 

Noah Schuh

Noah Schuh raced the Sinister 7 Ultra Marathon in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta wearing Fusion Blue ASPIRE FOURs.

Mick Ferraro

This weekend, Mick Ferraro took on The Patapsco Epic- a 50-mile ride. Although this event is a ride, not a race, Mick completed it in seven hours and looks forward to taking on a 100-miler next!

Read more about Mick’s Epic ride.

John Brewer

John Brewer took on the Colorado 200 in July. He made it 156 miles before a stress fracture got the best of him.

Alicia Eno

Alicia Eno helped the Mystics Race Team to a team first place in a 24 hour ultra this month. The next weekend, she raced an 8 hour ultra in Pittsfield, MA. This weekend, Alicia will take on the Helsinki Marathon in Finland. 

Read more of Alicia’s running adventures.

Guy Sigley

Guy Sigley rocked a pair of white ASPIRE TWELVEs to 4th place AG finish at Ironman Boulder this weekend.


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