Swiftwick Spotlight: December 21, 2015

By December 21, 2015Spotlight

What makes Swiftwick athletes the best in the world? We might be a little bias, but it’s pretty awesome to run in all 50 states, run seven marathon in seven days, and score back-to-back wins in cyclocross. See why Becca Pizzi, Danny Summerhill and Alicia Eno are in the spotlight this week.

Next month, if all goes according to plan, Becca Pizzi will tear through 32,000 airline miles in about 70 hours and run 183 miles in a week.

The 35-year-old, who lives near Boston, has spent all year training for the 2016 World Marathon Challenge: seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.

Becca will first travel to Antarctica, then Chile (South America), Miami (North America), Madrid (Europe), Marrakesh, Morocco (Africa, Dubai (Asia), and Sydney (Australia). 

Becca will be the first American woman to complete the challenge. We are so excited to provide Becca with the best socks for her journey!

Read more about her adventure of a lifetime here.

Danny Summerhill

The North Carolina Grand Prix of Cyclocross took place this past weekend in Hendersonville, NC. Danny Summerhill of the Maxxis Shimano Cyclocross Team won BOTH days of the event after some tactical and hard fought racing!

Read more here.

Alicia Eno

This past week, Alicia Eno completed her goal of running 50 marathons in 50 states! Her 50th marathon was in Honolulu, Hawaii, and she finished 8th in her age group. All 50 of her marathons were completed in four hours or less.

Awesome job, Alicia! She definitely does what moves her.

Read more on Alicia’s blog.

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