Swiftwick Spotlight: September 4, 2015

By September 4, 2015Spotlight

Here at Swiftwick, we have the privilege of helping athletes do what moves them. We have a lot of awesome athletes doing awesome things, and we want to share these accomplishments with the world!

Here are this week’s spotlighted athletes.

Photo by Raven Eye Photography

The TransRockies Run is a 6-day, 120-mile trail race that some say is a life-changing event. This year, brothers Jacob and Tommy Rivers Puzey took it on together.

Jacob says this event has been on his bucket list ever since he first heard of it but couldn’t imagine doing it without his brother. After years of trying to align their schedules, they finally got into the race.

After getting lost, chipping some teeth, and many, many miles of pain, the brothers completed the race!

“Although we both have different strengths and weaknesses, we both did everything in our power to help the other have the best experience possible. I am grateful to have a teammate, friend, and brother so willing to sacrifice for my well being, and I am grateful we were able to share such an incredible experience together in such a beautiful place with some of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met!” said Jacob.

And they finished!
Photo by Raven Eye Photography

Cory Texter

This past weekend Cory Texter took on the AMA Pro Flat Track series in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although he didn’t finish with the results he was hoping for because of some bike issues, he came out with a great attitude to work harder next time.

In addition, Cory just got married! Congrats, Cory!

Lesley Smith

Lesley Smith of Maverick Multisport took the podium this week at Challenge Penticton, taking 3rd on the day. It’s the 3rd race in a row she posted the fastest run split, this time a 1:21:56 to finish in 4:27:44. Congrats, Lesley!

Ashley Martinez

This week, Ashley Martinez ran a full marathon in Nevada on Area 51 at midnight. Ashley says, “It was a very challenging and interesting course!” Way to do what moves you, Ashley!