Ten weird and wonderful reasons to love Austin

By June 30, 2015Spotlight

We all know Austin is a weird place, and we want to keep it that way. But did you know these ten wonderfully weird, little-known facts about Austin? 

1.  Doing it for the fame

Bob Jagendorf / flickr.com

Austin’s longest-living and most famous resident must be Willie Nelson! Willie is a legend and often still plays at bars and other music venues around town. Ever heard of Sandra Bullock? She has a house and two businesses in Austin and loves to spend time here. So does Matthew McConaughey, who is a UT Austin alumnus. Others include Farrah Fawcett and René Zellweger.

2. Clothing optional

Matthew Rutledge / flickr.com

Hippie Hollow is a clothing optional park roughly 20 minutes outside of Austin. From the rocky beach, visitors are able to get in touch with a more…ahem…au naturale side of Austin. Senior discounts are available.

3.  Take a dip far from the beaten track

Brian Moran / flickr.com

Hamilton Pool Reserve is a great place to cool off on a hot day. Many years ago, the roof of an underground river collapsed, revealing the pristine water below and creating a great natural swimming hole near Austin.

4. BINGO! With chickens.

Do512 / flickr.com

The crowd comes alive on Sundays at Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon for a sport that’s one of a kind- chicken sh*t bingo. Basically, the game consists of chicken poop falling on numbered squares and lucky audience members getting money where the poop will land. So, um, may the poop be ever in your favor?

5.  Rated the #1 drunkest city by Forbes.com in 2008

Previous years had Austin in the top five spot for this loftey title, but in 2008 they took the crown. According to the poll, 61.5% of residents had consumed at least one drink in the last 30 days. That doesn’t seem like much, but apparently it’s more than any other city! Even Vegas!


Wally Gobetz / flickr.com

One of the only taco stands in the nation capable of launching tacos to an audience with a Gatling gun style cannon, Torchy’s Tacos has been recognized as one of the best in Austin for years.

7.  A lawn full of polka dots

Jon Lebkowsky / flickr.com

In keeping with the whole theme of “keeping Austin weird,” one home on West 29th and Glenview is doing their part—and then some—with their yard filled with colored polka dots. It even matches their brightly colored stucco house, and it’s something that can’t be missed.

8.  Happy birthday, Eeyore!

Saurabh Thakur / flickr.com

In 1963, someone decided that Eeyore needed a little love and decided to throw him a party. Since then, Eeyore’s Birthday Party has developed into a music festival featuring live bands, food and drink vendors, with money going towards several local non-profits. Attendees are encouraged to wear costumes and bring their own instruments to jam with.

9. Color on the walls. We’ll allow it.

Nan Palmero / flickr.com

More often than not, when graffiti pops up, a city will quickly take it down. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Austin’s Graffiti Park, also known as HOPE Outdoor Gallery, on 11th and Baylor. This project embraces street artists and muralists, allowing them to display their art on a fun and beautiful canvas.

10.  Another man’s trash equals Austin treasure

Jennifer Morrow / flickr.comHidden in the backyard of a quiet neighborhood on the south side of Austin, the Cathedral of Junk has been in the making for more than 25 years. Unseen from the street, the Cathedral consists of stacks and corridors of items without a use elsewhere in society. Lucky visitors who discover this hidden gem often bring a piece of their own junk to donate when they come to check it out for themselves.

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Clearly, Austin is weird. But what’s not to love? Next time you’re out exploring this crazy city, make sure you have your Swiftwick socks on for all-day comfort! Shop local in Austin and find a Swiftwick dealer near you!