The NEW Pursuit Hike Sock, Red Bull Rampage Experience and Get the Recipe: Energy Bites

By October 25, 2016Spotlight

If the mountains are calling your name and you are craving adventure, the NEW Swiftwick PURSUIT™ Hike sock is now available!

We wanted to give our athletes the ultimate dry performance; so we added Olefin to the proven outdoor performance of Merino Wool.  Experience the driest performance Hike sock in its class on your next adventure!

Red Bull Rampage Experience

Swiftwick headed west to Virgin, Utah for the Red Bull Rampage. This event is full of jaw dropping skills, and our adventure there left some lasting memories!

Check out our adventure at Red Bull Rampage here!


Triathlete Dominic Bernadro doesn’t let wet feet stop him!

Wet feet are a part of competing in triathlons, but  Dominic Bernardo, a triathlete that has made headlines by accompanying Michael Somsan on his races, tweeted his appreciation for Swiftwicks at #IMKona.

Read about Dominic’s appreciation for Swiftwicks here!


Get the Recipe: Energy Bites

Who doesn’t need more energy? Especially- when you hit the 3 pm slump.

Swiftwick athlete Annie Weiss shares a delicious recipe that is the tastiest way to gain energy for your next workout!

Get the recipe!