Compression socks: science or science fiction?

For some of us, socks are the afterthought of our cycling kits. For others, they are the centrepiece of a carefully crafted and coordinated outfit. Whichever camp you belong to, this much is clear – if they’re not comfortable, your performance will be compromised.

It’s common knowledge that the ubiquitous, humble sock is critical for comfort on the bike as it wicks sweat from the foot while you are riding. Those who have made the mistake of riding in cotton socks on a hot day or in the wet would have noticed the floppy, horrible bagginess that now occupies their shoes. In fact, with a drying time three times longer and a propensity to swell NINE TIMES MORE than their synthetic brethren, cotton socks plain old stink.

“Ok,” I hear you say, “so I won’t buy cotton… but come on. Socks aren’t made of carbon so they can’t really enhance my performance, right? How important can they really be?”

Sure, cycling socks might not be the first item that comes to mind when you think of splashing out on something of premium quality for your riding collection. But, as it turns out, quite.

Enter compression socks.

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