Made in Tennessee: Swiftwick featured in TV segment

By February 19, 2016Swiftwick News

“It’s said that you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. But what about their socks? Slip into a pair of Swiftwick Socks, and you’ll get a story.”

We unapologetically make the best socks you’ll ever wear, and we make them entirely in the USA.

“We’re more concerned about quality and less about quantity. We want to be the first and foremost premiere sock brand in the world and that starts with a few pairs at a time and we grow from there,” Chuck Smith explained.

Even though Swiftwick was created for the athlete, and some of the world’s best have put them on, Smith says their socks are good for anyone. Sure they’ve been on the feet of elite athletes who have won the Tour de France, the Masters, or the Olympics, but it’s the average person who can also benefit from the superior sock.

“We broadly define the definition of an athlete. It can be someone who is running a 100k trail race, or it can be someone who is competing in their first 5k, or it can be a nurse who’s working a 12-hour shift,” he said.

Swiftwick also brags on its ability to recycle its unused product. The company reduced waste in the landfill by finding a way to give back to the Chattanooga community through an effort of helping those who need it most. Swiftwick has partnered with a local group that makes blankets that are given to the local homeless community to help keep them warm.

So the next time you’re looking for a new pair of socks that you can rely on to provide comfort and quality, look for the Swiftwick logo that proudly displays Made in USA.

WATCH the segment below:

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