A Detroit run in Swiftwicks

Post by: Jeff of Detroit Runner.  

About a month ago, I received several pairs of ASPIRE Swiftwick socks for review.

If you didn’t know, the company recently came out with a new line of colors for their ASPIRE line of socks. If you like bright colors, as I do, then you will love their new colors!

I specifically asked for the ONE length and the TWELVE length. Of course, the higher the number means the longer they are. You can see here the difference. The blue and red are both size ONE and the yellow is TWELVE.

As you might be aware, I run in Swiftwick regularly, and I’m always telling people to try them out.

There are several reasons that I love these socks:

  • Comfort -They are the most comfortable socks I’ve ever run in.
  • Quality – I’ve been wearing Swiftwick for at least three years. In that time, I’ve gotten one hole in my sock and that’s it! Can’t beat that.
  • No blisters – None, really. I don’t get blisters in these.
  • Stay in place – They don’t move around on me. When I put them on, they stay there. As you can see, the sock is made to hold in place with more compression around the mid-foot.
  • Length – For me, the ONE length is perfect. Other people like longer, and you can get length between ZERO and TWELVE. I’ll talk about the 12 in a minute.
  • Color – I love the new colors, although I have to admit that my daughter liked the blue and red ones even more, and they have since been confiscated by her. Haha. The blue ones really are geared more towards women. She wanted the yellow ones too, but I wouldn’t give those up. Even if you are not into bright colors, Swiftwick makes black and white colors as well, which is mostly what I wear.

The 12’s are a great length. I also have a few other pairs of compression socks and sleeves. These are different in that, while they are compression, they don’t feel like your feet and legs are being strangled.

Given that, they are very comfortable to run in. I actually enjoy running in these, even though you could also use them for a recovery sock at home as well. I don’t run in the other compression socks I have and just use them primarily for recovery.

I don’t wear the 12’s all the time, but they are nice especially on days when your legs are tired and you just need a little more support. They can make you feel fast too since the compression gives you a much different feel when running with them. I think they would be good for races especially.

What I normally wear is the ONE length.

You can see how the ONE length fits just above your shoes. They are the perfect length in my opinion – not too long and not too short. As you can see, mud didn’t seem to effect them at all, and they felt as great as any other pair of Swiftwick socks I own.

I would suggest picking up a pair at your local running store or online at Swiftwick’s website. I think you will find they are great for running long distances. I’ve run in them up to 31 miles at a time with great success! I highly recommend them.

Have a great day and….Keep Running!!!!

-Detroit Runner

Disclosure:  I received 3 complimentary pairs of Swiftwick socks in exchange for this review.  I was not required to give a particular opinion other than an honest one.

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