The Best Socks to Wear this Fourth of July

We believe that our Swiftwick VISION™ FIVE American Spirit socks are the best socks to wear on the Fourth of July.  Tbreatheeath well, stay relatively cool and have just the right amount of cushion for pushing through those hot miles, and they also show off the stars and stripes that we are so proud of. Competitor magazine recently listed them as a hot summer item.

We also believe that these socks are good for the whole summer and not just the Fourth of July. Here are four reasons why:

  1. You can wear them as you watch the Tour De France and support all of the American riders out there.
  2. Wear them on a hike. Our country is beautiful!
  3. Wear them as you reminisce on the 2016 Summer Olympics that were about to begin this time last year.
  4. Wear them at a Labor Day cookout.

Honestly, wear them anywhere. There is never a bad time to show off your American Spirit!






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